The University of SUIT global reputation is built on the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international level. The Library is committed to playing its part in maintaining this reputation both now and in the future. To that end the Library enables and enhances research, teaching and learning through its expertise, collections, facilities and services. The Library’s top priorities are leading information provision and discovery for SUIT and the global academic community along with working in partnership with scholars to advance transformative research and learning.


To nurture students to become productive responsible citizens through the assistance of service - oriented and highly competent internal and external stakeholders working in a harmonious relationship.

SUIT will provide a coherent library service across the University with the highest standards for academic and research support services. SUIT's expertise, collections, facilities and services will be recognized, understood and valued by the C Sarhad University community as an essential, strategic component to the success of the University. SUIT will continue its cultural heritage role as a National Research Library of international importance.

Strategic Objectives

We will envisage, create and communicate a library service across the University.
We Will develop support for scholarly communication.
We will deliver value by anticipating, studying, and responding to the changing needs of our users. We will provide information services that are needed and valued.
We will assess what we do and we will model new ways of working to ensure operational effectiveness and quality service delivery.
We will safeguard and grow our world class special collections.
We will continue our mission to preserve cultural and intellectual resources for use by generations to come.
We will collaborate with partners, internal and external to the Library and SUIT, to provide seamless and comprehensive services and collections.
We will leverage technologies to provide the best services in the most effective and efficient manner.
We will create inviting environments that support research, teaching, learning, innovation and collaboration.
To deliver these objectives, we will foster an innovative and collaborative staff culture.